The Celtic Zodiac



So the start of 2017 has seen me working on a new exhibition – The Celtic Zodiac.

What’s this ‘Celtic Zodiac’ business? I hear you ask, well…apparently the date you were born dictates which kind of sacred Celtic tree becomes your mascot. Each tree has a certain personality type, and much like the traditional Astrological zodiac, the time of the month you were born gifts you with certain qualities.

Here’s a quick look, see if you can find your Celtic Zodiac. (Mine’s Ash)

1.Birch, Ambition (December 24 – January 20) Sun, Stag

2.Rowan, Intuition (21 January – 17 February) Uranus, Dragon

3.Ash, Enchantment (18 February – March 17) Neptune, Seahorse

4.Alder, Success (March 18 – April 14) Mars, Hawk

5. Willow, Patience (15 April – 12 May) Moon, Nessie

6. Hawthorn, Inspiration (May 13 – June 9) Mars, Chalice

7.Oak, Strength (June 10 – July 7) Jupiter, Labyrinth

8.Holly, Shine (July 8 – August 4) Earth, Unicorn

9.Hazel, Intellect (August 5 – September 1) Mercury, Fish

10.Vine, Luxury, (September 2 – September 29) Venus, Swan

11.Ivy, Wisdom (September 30 – October 27) Moon, Butterfly

12.Reed, Purity (October 28 – November 24) Pluto, Dog

13.Elder, Rebirth (25 November – 23 December) Saturn, Horse

I’m currently working on 13 illuminated manuscript style paintings, and 13 ‘botanical boxes’- boxed artworks that showcase the leaf and flowers of the featured tree.

Watch this space!

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