Spells As Prayers

I was chatting to an Anglican priest the other day, he’s a very open-minded priest and also a friend, but he was curious as to what all this ‘spells and witchcraft’ business was about. I explained that spells are just prayers in action. You have a wish or a desire, and you want to be able to work on this at an energetic level, an unseen level, to bring this wish about.

And he said “Oh, I see! So we Anglicans use candles and incense as tools for our prayers.”

And I said “Yes!, So with spells we get a bit more creative and we make the prayer a bit more personal and ‘hands on’ by using items like flowers we like, or herbs, or crystals that we feel will bring a certain extra energy to the prayer.”

One of the things that is quite special about the Enchanted Spell Oracle is that each card comes with an ‘action item;’ a charm or ritual or recipe to help you focus on the positive quality you would like to bring into your life. Approach these enchantments with a light heart and a sense of fun, and I believe the magick will work!

This image features the spells from the Integrity card, the Love card and the Rebirth card, and you will find each of these recipes in the guidebook.

Next fortnight, we look at the concept of Sympathetic Magick.

Week 2


The Enchanted Spell Oracle 

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