Sympathetic Magick

The kind of enchantments I create use the concept of sympathetic magick. Sympathetic magick is using objects that we have an affinity with, or a connection to, in rituals to create a desired outcome. Certain objects will have stronger cultural connotations for certain qualities. For example, traditionally we associate roses with love spells, gold coins for money charms, four-leaf clovers for luck, and white feathers to bring peace and compassion.

Sympathetic magick is not a new concept, it has been practiced by humans for thousands of years, and is often referred to as folk magic, or tribal magic. This kind of magick takes into account the ‘spiritual’ or ‘metaphysical’ properties of natural objects such as fruit, flowers and crystals.

It is believed that every living item has an energetic blue print, and certain items resonate with certain energies. For example, the rose quartz crystal is believed to contain an energetic resonance that opens the heart chakra and brings about love and healing.

The Enchanted Spell Oracle uses items like apples for wishes, or bay leaves for protection and lotus flower for beauty, and you will find that, throughout history, all these plants have been used in spells and charms for similar desires.

Next fortnight, we look at the power of Magick & Neuroscience.

ESO trans

The Enchanted Spell Oracle

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