How The Enchanted Spell Oracle Was Created

The nature inspired, folk magick that I discovered in Scotland is articulated through the Enchanted Spell Oracle, and I want to give you some background into how the Enchanted Spell Oracle was created.

When my daughter started primary school in 2009, I felt I finally had the free time to devote to my business Priestess Moon Design. One of the ways I wanted to do this, was to start painting my third solo exhibition. I wanted this exhibition to read like a handwritten book of magick that contained charms & potions. A kind of ‘spiritual cookbook’ with recipes to conjure up love, luck, wealth and happiness. In essence, a light-hearted look at the eternal hope that the human race has to cook up a brighter future. The works are a study rich in symbolism and herbal folk lore and I called this exhibition the Book of Shadows.

I particularly wanted the ten Book of Shadows paintings to be interactive by having a practical use as well as a visual element. So, I also created a spell kit for each painting so that the person who purchased it received a gift containing herbs, crystals and candles, plus the recipe to help them craft their spell.

To do this, I researched the metaphysical and energetic properties of the plants that would attract certain characteristics, and this is what I found…

For Wealth – Almond blossom

For Wishes – Apple blossom

For Happiness – Orange blossom

For Prosperity – Pomegranate

For Good Fortune – Mint

For Protection – Bay Leaves

For Healing – Eucalyptus

For Fertility – Raspberries

For Wisdom – Ivy

And for Abundance – Cinnamon.

The exhibition was a success with 8 of the artworks being sold, one being donated to a charity auction and one being kept for my daughter to display in her room. People really resonated with the idea of the artworks being used as part of a magickal ritual.

Next fortnight, we take a look at the Enchanted Spell Oracle’s predecessor, The Priestess Moon Oracle. 

Week 6

spell kit eso

The Enchanted Spell Oracle

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