Creating Magickal Recipes. Part One

I want to talk you through the process of how I create a spell recipe from scratch, and hopefully this will inspire you to create your own personal enchantments at home. You don’t need any fancy ritual items like athames, or goblets or wands, nor do you need to join a coven and become an initiate to practice magick. The real magick is your imagination and the amount of light energy you put into your spell-work.

There’s a wealth of tools to choose from to help you create your own enchantments.

For instance, the phases of the moon. As a general rule, the energy of a new moon is to start projects and attract things, so this is a great time for money or luck spells.  The waxing crescent to full moon is to complete things, and the waning to dark moon is used to let things go, or get rid of things you don’t want. So, this would be a good time to perform a ritual to help you let go of a habit or a feeling that no longer serves you. The moon energies really do add an extra boost to your spellwork. The phase of the moon we are in now is a dark moon, about to evolve into a new moon later on tonight.

You can use colour magick if you wish, for another little boost. This can be as simple as coloured candles or bits of paper.

Generally Speaking:

White for strong protection and shielding

Black for letting go and releasing

Red for good luck and vitality

Orange for fertility and creativity

Yellow for confidence and fame

Green for healing and prosperity and is often used in money spells

Blue for wisdom and contemplation

Purple for intuition and Angelic assistance.

Next fortnight, we continue with creating magickal recipes, part two.

Week 9

The Enchanted Spell Oracle

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