Free Spell: House Blessing


Illuminate JPEG

‘Illuminate’ is featured in both the Priestess Moon Oracle and the Enchanted Spell Oracle. The artwork is inspired by Medieval illuminated manuscripts, particularly the Book of Kells folio 8r, and the Codex Aureus folio 11r. My idea was to create an illuminated style painting with an inspiring message, but one relevant to our modern day.

The text states:

“I am sending you light, even now.

Shine on beautiful ones. You are loved.” 

The intent behind this artwork is for it to be a house blessing. You display it in your house, and the good energy in the artwork encourages a safe and happy home.

The following House Blessing will illuminate all the corners of your house and bring more light into your life. This can be on a physical or energetic level. Stale and dense energy can become trapped and brood in nooks and crannies of your home, and you will want to drive it out! Start by imagining yourself filled with a bright, white light.

Illuminate Your House Blessing 

1 sage smudge stick

1 white candle

200 grams Rock Salt 

4 clear quartz crystals

Light the sage smudge stick, place into a ceramic bowl and visit every part of the house, allowing smoke to penetrate all rooms. Be sure to visit particularly dark corners and under beds. Have the windows and doors open, as this lets the smoke out along with any dull or heavy energy.

When you have smudged the whole house, place the white candle into a holder and pour a generous amount of rock salt around it, in a circle. As you light the candle, imagine you are drawing bright white light all around you. You are clear, like a crystal, becoming a transmitter of light. Hold up your hands and imagine light streaming from them and filling the entire house. The light fills every corner.

Next, place the four clear quartz crystals in the four corners of your house. Visualize four bright Angels surrounding your home at the quarters of north, east, south and west. They are singing

“I am sending you light, even now.

Shine on beautiful ones. You are loved.” 

Feel your house full of light, safe, happy and vibrant energy.


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