Making Magick Oracle

Symbols have been used as talismans for thousands of years to attract good luck, prosperity, healing, love and success, as well as being employed as amulets to repel unwanted influences. Enter the charmed world of magickal symbols!

Featuring a dynamic combination of mediaeval charms, ancient symbols, alchemical glyphs and Priestess Moon’s own channeled sigils, each card depicts a powerful cypher that has been designed to tilt the future in your favour.

This deck is your tool for manifesting the life you want. Making Magick can assist you in spellcraft and in manifesting your deepest heart’s desires. Each symbol has been meticulously researched by Priestess Moon, who has been working with many of the talismans for over twenty years. This deck is an expansion of the Making Magick Mini Spell Cards and includes a full explanation of each symbol, how to use it, powerful spells, and the history behind these gorgeous glyphs.


Only 30 Available!



1 x Making Magick Oracle 36 Card Deck and Guidebook

1 x Abracadabra Acrylic Good Luck Charm 50mm

Felix sticker P

1 x Felix Felicitous Sticker 50 mm

Clear quartz
1 x Small Clear Quartz Crystal

Celtic Cross Quarter days

1 x Samhain card

1 x mini reading including Making Magick Oracle card

Includes Tracked Shipping

 $58.00 For International Orders

$43.00 for orders within Australia

Date of Release October 2020 (Just in time for Halloween!)

Register your interest at

One thought on “Making Magick Oracle

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  1. Greetings, dear Megan! Could you please put my name down for one of the pre-order limited gift packs, please?
    I love the idea of a guide book for these cards🖤
    And an abracadabra charm, please!
    Thank you,
    Denise Awen xo

    Liked by 1 person

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