Artwork of the Month: Ash


Each month in 2020, I will feature an original artwork from the Enchanted Spell Oracle and the story behind it.

Each card in The Enchanted Spell Oracle is unique in its guidance, and is crafted intentionally to help you create the life you want. The beautifully illustrated, symbolic cards are based on a particular quality, energy or emotion such as Abundance, Patience and Integrity, and are accompanied by their specific botanical reference. They are imbued with the energy of a magickal priestess depicted in medieval costume, and are presented in the style of a page from an illuminated manuscript.

February’s artwork is the Celtic Priestess, Ash.

Ash Enchantment

The ash tree is associated with inspiration and imagination. Its wood is deceptively robust for such a graceful species. Strong spiritual associations can be found in the ash tree’s history, with legend proclaiming that its roots reside in the molten core of the earth, while its leaves touch the heavens. The ash tree is a complex tree of opposites, of worlds within worlds, of cycles of quick growth, degeneration and rebirth.

The Priestess of Enchantment is set beneath a wheel of ash seedpods, leaves and flowers. Beside her is the ash tree’s spirit animal, the seahorse, for the ash has strong connections with human emotions as deep as the ocean. The colour energy of the ash is cobalt blue and is linked with the northern hemisphere’s fading winter and early spring, generally between the dates of 18 February to 17 March. Keywords for the ash tree include recovery, wisdom and understanding.

Ash Original Artwork

Ash is designed to bring the energy of Enchantment into your home. An original artwork from The Enchanted Spell Oracle Deck. Watercolour & Gold Leaf on Watercolour Paper. 350mm x 250mm. Includes matching oracle card and spell. Free Shipping.


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