Artwork of the Month: Rowan


Each month in 2020, I will feature an original artwork from the Enchanted Spell Oracle and the story behind it.

Each card in The Enchanted Spell Oracle is unique in its guidance, and is crafted intentionally to help you create the life you want. The beautifully illustrated, symbolic cards are based on a particular quality, energy or emotion such as Abundance, Patience and Integrity, and are accompanied by their specific botanical reference. They are imbued with the energy of a magickal priestess depicted in medieval costume, and are presented in the style of a page from an illuminated manuscript.

January’s artwork is the Celtic Priestess, Rowan.

The rowan tree is known for its blood-red berries and tiny star-shaped white flowers, connecting it to the feminine energy of the goddess. Indeed, its strong female energy saw the wood, berries and flowers used in rituals to honour the fiery goddess Brigid, and is thought to encourage ‘the sight’. Rowan is also known as mountain ash.

The Priestess of Intuition is standing among a botanical wheel containing the leaves, berries and flowers of the rowan tree. Beside the priestess, a fiery-red dragon presides: the sacred guardian of the rowan. She wears purple, the colour of intuition and insight. These qualities are associated with midwinter and the fire festival of Imbolc (St Brigid’s Day), which takes place between 21 January and 17 February.

Rowan 2020
Rowan: 350mm x 250mm watercolour and gold leaf. Includes oracle card and spell.
Rowan 2 2020
This artwork looks great in the 30 x 40 cm Silverhojden Ikea frame (Frame not included)

Rowan Original Artwork

Rowan is designed to bring the energy of Intuition into your home. An original artwork from The Enchanted Spell Oracle Deck. Watercolour & Gold Leaf on Watercolour Paper. 350mm x 250mm. Includes matching oracle card and spell. Frame not included. Free Shipping.


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