Energy Activators

If you are like me, you will be very sensitive to energies when you walk into a room. You can just ‘feel’ if it is a good space to be in, or not. In 2018, I discovered a device that balances and soothes the energy of a space. Five years and three devices later, I really believe that this invention makes a difference to the energy of a house, and I am sharing it with you. I wanted to make sure that this device worked before I began extolling its virtues!

It’s called a Somavedic. It’s a beautiful glass light that you plug into an electric socket, and it gets to work straight away purifying the atmosphere.

Since I purchased my first Somavedic, I’ve had many interesting and delightful things happen.

Here’s a few:

  • Suffused with energy to get things done and spend a little extra money on surrounding myself with nice belongings
  • Good night’s sleep
  • Medication reduced
  • Our house feels clean and clear (energy wise)
  • Life feels more balanced
  • I am being ‘forced’ to speak out and use my words. I used to dread confrontation, but now I welcome it (within reason), I have the confidence to say what needs to be said.
  • I see many things being upgraded, and feel like I can afford a better lifestyle, even though my money situation hasn’t changed
  • Your body goes through a detox when you get the device. Mine was headaches. When they say ‘drink plenty of water’ when you first get a Somavedic, they mean it!

That’s just my personal experiences, but there are many claims backed up with journal articles that state the Somavedic mitigates harmful EMF’s (5G/4G, wifi and mobile phones) and geopathic stress, as well as restructures water.

I’ve also heard it described as a ‘negative energy repellent’ or a ‘ghost buster.’ Lower energies just cannot survive the frequencies Somavedic emits.

It creates a protective bubble of 30m around your space.

I have the older ‘Harmonie’ model upstairs in my art studio
The more powerful Medic Green Ultra is downstairs. The Medic restructures water.
I also have a travel model for the car, which I take with me to hotels. I find it hard to sleep in hotels, so this little Sky traveller (Harmony) really makes a difference when I go for overnight stays.

If you are interested in a Somavedic, here’s are a link for further info. For 10% off your purchase, use the code priestessmoondesign

If you would like to hear more about my experiences, I kept a diary after I received my first Somavedic. You can read about it below…

Use the code priestessmoondesign for 10% off!

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