Free Spell: Cinnamon Money Spell


This Cinnamon Money Spell comes with the Abundance card in the Enchanted Spell Oracle. I have used this many times, and it is good for small windfalls.

For this charm, you will need a potato, 8 toothpicks, a stick of cinnamon and a gold coin. Cinnamon is often used in money spells and is known as the ‘sweet money spice.’ I like to start this spell on a new moon, as this is a great time to work magick for things you want to increase in your life.
This spell is adapted from a book called ‘Witta, an Irish Pagan Tradition’ by Edain McCoy – it has some excellent Kitchen Witch charms and enchantments in it and it’s well worth a look. This recipe is an example of how we can take an idea that we love, expand on it, tweak it and add our own personal stamp on it.


Cinnamon Money Spell 

1 large potato

1 stick of cinnamon

1 gold coin (optional)

8 toothpicks

Fast growing herb seedling

On a new moon, take a large, raw potato and cut it in half. Scoop out the flesh from the middle and place a generous amount of cinnamon in the hollow, along with the gold coin. Secure back together with the 8 toothpicks and plant the potato underneath a fast growing herb seedling, such as basil. You will see that the potato will grow good strong leaves quite fast, and I like to visualise the money growing along with it.

There are all sorts of symbols in the Abundance image that carry with them the energy of wealth – the guidebook goes into extra detail – but the keywords of the Abundance card are ‘wealth, money, and income.’

Week 11


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