Magickal Green Being- Frequency Medicine

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” Albert Einstein

For the last two years, I have been living with a little magickal being. I wanted to make sure that this machine worked before telling everyone about it. I’ve made myself a bit of a (willing) guinea pig.

This curious wee being is all the way from Czechoslovakia. This palm sized, UFO shaped ‘thing’ is a frequency device, and claims to:

Like a lot of people, I worry about the amount of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR, EMF) present in these technological times in which we live. These machines have been awarded 5 certificates in scientific studies that prove these little glass devices significantly reduce cell phone and WiFi radiation. My family has also remarked on how we haven’t seemed to have our ‘yearly cold’ since we got the Medic Green Ultra.

I have 2 models, the gentle Somavedic Harmonie (now sold out) and the Medic Green Ultra. This model is a more powerful beast that also restructures water.  You can read about it here.

Both are oval glass objects, small but surprisingly heavy, and full of crystals. They must remain plugged in at all times. I take the Harmonie model with me when I stay in hotels and it clears the energy right up!

Harmonie 2
Somavedic Harmonie


Mr Lime
Medic Green Ultra


The Six Somavedic models available and their particulars

If this frequency device intrigues you and you want to know more please use my personal affiliate link below.  I truly believe in this frequency machine – it seems to have brought calm and order to our house. I don’t even know how it does this! But it does. I highly recommend Somavedics for a sweeter life.

Mr Lime
Medic Green Ultra shining its gorgeous green light on my altar.

Priestess Moon’s Somavedic Link  

If you decide to purchase one, go through this link...and congratulations! Send me an email at, and I can help you with any questions or experiences.

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