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Enchanted Spell Oracle Original Artwork

These artworks are designed to bring good energy into your home. Original artworks from The Enchanted Spell Oracle Deck. Watercolour & Gold Leaf on Watercolour Paper. 35cm x 25 cm. Please state which artwork you would like in the PayPal comments. Free Shipping


Priestess Moon’s artworks have strong links to illuminated manuscripts, herbal codex and magickal grimoires. Containing special symbols that act as energy tools, the artwork is designed to evoke certain qualities such as peace, protection and prosperity. The addition of gold leaf to many of the paintings enhances the meaning, luminosity and beauty of the pieces.

The artworks are designed to bring good energy into your home. The latest series is The Celtic Zodiac, all of which are featured in the Enchanted Spell Oracle. 


The date you were born dictates which kind of sacred Celtic tree becomes your mascot. Each tree has a certain personality type, and much like the traditional Astrological zodiac, the time of the month you were born gifts you with certain qualities.

Here’s a list of all the Celtic Zodiacs, see if you can find yours!

Birch 1
1. Birch, Ambition (December 24 – January 20) Sun, Stag


Rowan 1
2.  Rowan, Intuition (21 January – 17 February) Uranus, Dragon


Ash 1
3. Ash, Enchantment (18 February – March 17) Neptune, Seahorse


Alder 3
4. Alder, Success (March 18 – April 14) Mars, Hawk


Willow 4
5. Willow, Patience (15 April – 12 May) Moon, Sea Serpent


Hawthorn 4
6. Hawthorn, Inspiration (May 13 – June 9) Mars, Chalice


Oak 1
7. Oak, Strength (June 10 – July 7) Jupiter, Labyrinth


Holly Shine
8. Holly, Shine (July 8 – August 4) Earth, Unicorn


Hazel 1
9. Hazel, Intellect (August 5 – September 1) Mercury, Fish


Vine 1
10. Vine, Luxury, (September 2 – September 29) Venus, Swan


Ivy 4
11. Ivy, Wisdom (September 30 – October 27) Moon, Butterfly


Reed 1
12. Reed, Purity (October 28 – November 24) Pluto, Dog


Elder 4
13. Elder, Rebirth (25 November – 23 December) Saturn, Horse

If you would like to own the original artwork, email me at

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