Priestess Moon Oracle

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The Priestess Moon Oracle is your creative solution to life’s tricky questions. This limited edition (100 only) deck contains guidance and spells to help you with the answers you seek. The Priestess Moon Oracle also contains a ‘Yes’ card, and a ‘No’ card, designed to give you a quick answer to that pressing question.

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Your Priestess Moon Oracle set includes:

33 Oracle Cards

28 Page Illustrated Guidebook

Moon Fairy Charm

Violet Organza Bag

 Signed & Numbered ‘Limited Edition’ Card & Certificate

Guardian Fairy Artwork (Watercolour & Gold Leaf)

Your deck comes with an original artwork; a hand-painted watercolour & gold leaf creation. This ‘magic picture’ is your oracle’s Guardian Fairy. No two fairies are alike, making yours the unique custodian of this particular set.

Whilst Priestess Moon created each painting, it unexpectedly communicated an insightful lesson, and these insights have become the meaning for each card.


What people are saying about The Priestess Moon Oracle:

“OMG. They just get better the more I read. These are incredible! I love my hand drawn fairy. The drawings throughout the guidebook are exquisite! These are so special.” Carol

“The artwork is stunning and incredibly easy to connect with when reading for self or others. The cards themselves are a good size and well produced. I think it is also a very clever Oracle. I love the way it has been structured to provide a tool that can be used in so many different ways. Really looking forward to continuing working with this and again, the artwork really is swoon worthy.” Cheralyn

“Thank you for your amazing oracle deck. I truly love it so much!! It is so accurate and very unique and your artwork is simply gorgeous. The energy about them is very special. I love the fact that they are so different to everything else that is out there in the shops. The uniqueness is so refreshing; such a breath of fresh air. I will treasure your deck forever and will use it daily.” Sylvia


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