5 Samhain (Halloween) Cards


Five Samhain cards 14cm x 14cm each, blank inside. Five matching white envelopes 15cm x 15cm

25 in stock



Southern Hemisphere May 1st                                         Northern Hemisphere October 31st

Halloween/ Witches’ New Year

In Celtic myth, the Goddess mourns the loss of the old Sun God. She contemplates the rebirth of the new Sun God. She is honoured as the Wise Woman. This is a good time to work on and release old habits and fears. Samhain is an auspicious time for divination and honouring loved ones who have crossed over

Ritual Ideas: Draw up a family tree, look through old photos, and tell stories about grandparents and great grandparents. Bake pies and cakes from apples – the sacred fruit of Samhain. A good time for ritual drumming and trance work. Colour: Indigo Keywords: strength, wisdom, midnight.

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