5 Beltane Cards


Five Beltane cards 14cm x 14cm each, blank inside. Five matching white envelopes 15cm x 15cm.


24 in stock



Southern Hemisphere October 31st                                                  Northern Hemisphere May 1st

May Day /Fertility Festival

In Celtic myth, the Sun God and the Goddess celebrate their Divine Union/Wedding Day. Beltane is a fertility festival, a day devoted to flirting and falling in love. This festival is full of fire imagery that symbolically brings with it sexual passion, cleansing and positive change.

Ritual Ideas: Light a small fire in a cauldron outside and jump over it making a wish. Burn red candles anointed with rose essential oil and bless your relationships. Considered a good time to work fertility magic for conceiving a child. Colour Red. Keywords: youth, freedom, pleasure

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