Wisdom Original Artwork


The original Wisdom Celtic Priestess artwork from my Enchanted Spell Oracle. Each watercolour & gold leaf is 35cm x 25cm on watercolour paper. Included is the matching oracle card, divination and spell. Free Shipping.


Wisdom- The wisdom of Ivy whispers resilience, to make lasting connections and to keep the bonds of friendship strong. 

The Celtic zodiac

Peppered throughout the Enchanted Spell Oracle are 13 priestesses who represent the Celtic tree  zodiac and their corresponding trees and times of the year. Each tree and date relates to a certain personality type, much the same as the zodiac in astrology.

The Celtic tree zodiac is a tradition born in the northern hemisphere, and whose explanation is dependent upon the turn of the seasons, and as a result, the Celtic zodiac dates for the time you were born remain northern-hemisphere specific.

For example, the Wisdom (Ivy) card’s dates are 30 September–27 October, and represent the Autumn season. In the southern hemisphere, the same dates represent Spring season, but if you were born between these times, you are still considered an Ivy Celtic tree sign, despite the seasonal difference.


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