The Story of Enchanted Unicorn Oracle

It all started back in 2015 with a harebrained idea to draw a unicorn a day and post it on Instagram and Facebook, to amuse myself and my friends. What started as a bit of a joke soon had a cult following, with people eagerly awaiting the next unicorn, and even making suggestions about which unicorn to draw.

During this self-imposed challenge, one of my friends, who studies ancient esoteric manuscripts, asked if I’d heard of the Voynich Manuscript. I quickly looked it up online and was entranced by the weird and wonderful botanical illustrations of this 600-year-old manuscript. The Voynich manuscript is a curious little beast. It is a 240-page handwritten and illustrated herbal is dated between 1404 and 1438 AD. It contains text and illustrations featuring astronomical, biological, cosmological and pharmaceutical information, as well as herbal recipes and details on the cosmos. Thus far, the author remains unknown, as well as the language it was written in. To this day, world class cryptologists still haven’t cracked the code. Even famous World War II code breakers were mystified by the Voynich Manuscript and could not decipher the meaning of the text. Over the years, many scholars have claimed to have unlocked the secrets of the 6-century year old transcript, but each theory has been subsequently disproven.

I was inspired! My unicorns took a turn for the fantastical, and I started taking my cue from the manuscript to create unicorns with foliage sprouting from their heads and bodies unicorns are colourful and strange, using a mixture of felt tip pens and computer design; intended to capture the off-kilter charm of the Voynich Manuscript’s drawings. But, why the unicorns? Well, the mystical nature of the Voynich Manuscript beautifully echoes the myth and magick of the unicorn legend.

As I was drawing these unicorns, I realised they were speaking to me! I believed that I could turn these drawings into an oracle deck and write down the messages I was getting whilst I was working on them. I was going to self-publish and call the deck “The Peculiar Unicorn.’ This was after I had self-published my first deck, the Priestess Moon Oracle. Meanwhile, I had secured a contract with Rockpool Publishing for the Enchanted Spell Oracle, and so work stopped for a little while on my unicorns whilst I concentrated on that.


However, the siren song of the unicorns was too strong, and in my spare time I was constantly working on them and really enjoying writing the guidebook. In 2017, I purchased a reproduction of the Voynich Manuscript to work with; The Voynich Manuscript; The Complete Edition of the World’s Most Mysterious and Esoteric Codex.  As I was working, I felt the presence of a Being behind me. Gentle and powerful, it seemed pleased I was doing this work. A peaceful and comfortable feeling washed over me, and I was able to easily channel the meanings of each card. I felt like this was sacred work, not of this world. In fact, some theories about the Voynich manuscript suggests that it contains information from extra-terrestrial beings.

I was speaking to a psychic about the cards and she said:

“These are very sweet and gentle, yet powerful. I sense that these are from another realm to Earth, almost alien in nature. It’s definitely time for these cards, the world is ready for them.”


Once you start working with the cards, that’s when the magic begins, so why not give them a try? Each card comes with a cool little spell or ritual for you to perform. They are meant to be a joyful, calm thing to lift your spirits in a sometimes-confusing world. At its very core, the Voynich Manuscript appears to be a book on self-healing and self-care, and likewise, this is the intention of the Enchanted Unicorn Oracle.


What people are saying about the Enchanted Unicorn Oracle:

What a delightful oracle this is! I’m totally enchanted by your charming illustrations and upbeat messages.

Absolutely love them! Already picked a card and it has given me much hope and food for thought. The workmanship in the cards is beautiful and amazing.

I have had your beautiful deck with me now for a few days and it’s just magical. The cards, your artwork and the messages are wonderful. Thank you for creating an unusual and beautifully crafted Oracle Deck.

I have had your beautiful deck with me now for a few days and it’s just magical. The cards, your artwork and the messages are wonderful. Thank you for creating an unusual and beautifully crafted Oracle Deck.

These are not your typical unicorns, which is what we love about them, they have a real Dr Seuss vibe! 

I was instantly hooked on the almost psychedelic and whimsical imagery of the enchanted unicorns, they are just so crazy they make you smile! I love how they are magically connected with the associated plants, spells and rituals. 

This deck has been years in the creation 🦄 and I was so pleased when @rockpoolpublishing decided to have Priestess Moon fully nurture and “birth” this unique deck 🔮 It is colourful 🌈 and fun, yet full of meaning AND based on an ancient manuscript 📚 So good 💜 xo

The Enchanted Unicorn Oracle deck just arrived for me this morning and I am obsessed! As is the standard with all @rockpoolpublishing Oracle Decks the quality is superb. Everyone knows that I’m a huge fan of all things Priestess Moon, and these cards do not disappoint!

The cards arrived today, they are really lovely, a really classy product. When I split the deck, the card I picked was 1967 which is my year of birth. So definitely some magic going on already.

The gorgeous unicorn card pack just arrived and is an absolute delight!! You have truly surpassed my wildest expectations.

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