I create my spells from scratch and I’m delighted to share them with you. Hopefully my oracle cards will inspire you to create your own personal enchantments at home, too. You don’t need any fancy ritual items like athames, or goblets or wands, nor do you need to join a coven and become an initiate to practice magick. The real magick is your imagination and the amount of light energy you put into your spell-work.

A bit of background into how I started practicing magick and creating spells; at the age of ten, I wrote a book called “Witch’s Magical Spells.” It contained a variety of spells, written in the style of cooking recipes, instructing the reader on How to get a Headache, How to Be Famous, How to make Spider Stew,  and other such *ahem* useful recipes. It was a 12 month project I undertook on top of my school work – and kept me busy and happy for hours. Even then, I was fascinated by using ingredients from nature to create magick.

Fast forward eleven years, I’d completed my Bachelor of Arts in Design, and decided to travel to Scotland to discover the land of my ancestors, and my family history behind the Clan Fraser of Lovat who were from the Inverness-shire area of the Highlands.

Lovat Fraser - Copy
Culloden Battlefield, 1995

I wondered if I might find grand castles that my ancestors used to live in, but instead I found myths and legends of fairies and nature spirits, and rich thread of folk magick and ancient rituals running through the modern highland culture that was fascinating. I was intrigued at how food and drink were used in Highland magick and ritual. For example, when drinking whisky, a special cup, the Quiach is used when welcoming guests and friends at weddings to symbolise love and friendship. Another delightful thing I learned is that food is often left out for house spirits known as ‘Brownies.’

I found a strong link between nature and spirituality, the sacredness of trees and woodlands and a respect for the divine beings that control the natural world. I spent a good amount of time running around standing stones, and researching more into the Druids and Celtic spiritual practices.

I visited Ireland as well, another part of my family history, and discovered the triple spiral at the Neolithic site of Newgrange, which is my sacred symbol and one I have tattooed on my left arm. I found that spending time alone in nature, surrounded by trees and standing stones, and creating rituals using rocks, and plants and flowers so peaceful and healing, that I knew this was the perfect way to express my spirituality. I resonate with solitary, hedge-witch natural magick.


Newgrange, Ireland 1996
Fairy Dec 95
Drawing of a Nature Spirit, Edinburgh, 1995


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