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Priestess Moon

Hi! I’m Priestess Moon, artist, author and empath.

My works include the Enchanted Spell Oracle, Making Magick, Making Magick Oracle and Enchanted Unicorn Oracle.

These oracle decks come from the heart and are created with the wish that they bring you joy, delight and comfort.


How I can help you

My oracle cards are divination tools designed to help you access your intuition. Using the cards will support you in answering questions, taking action, reassure you and bring solace.

I paint magickal energy into the artworks and write the guidebook based on life experiences, metaphysical concepts and extensive research.

How I discovered the magickal path

I travelled to Scotland and Ireland in 1995 and discovered magic there. But in truth I’ve always been interested in magic. I wrote a ‘Witch’s Book of Spells’ when I was 10, and made up all these weird and wonderful spells and illustrated it. But being in Scotland seemed to unlock my magical heart and I really understood the power of the natural world there.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland, 1995

Priestess Moon is my magickal name, one I conjured up when I came back from Scotland and started practicing solitary witchcraft in earnest. I was brought up in an atheist family, but I chose to be baptised as a Christian and go to church every Sunday when I was fifteen. My family didn’t go – just me, and I was super into Christianity and helped out at the church whenever I could. At this point in time I was wary of witchcraft and though Tarot cards were Satan’s playthings, and yet I was drawn to crystals and candles and all things witchy even then.

I moved to Scotland in my twenties and discovered magic. The land felt like home, and had so much power. The turn of the seasons and the fairy hills and standing stones…it turned my head. Suddenly Christianity just wasn’t cutting it anymore for me. I wanted to express my spiritualty through a connection with nature. I started reading books on the working magic with the phases of the moon, and bought my first set of Tarot cards in Scotland.

So in a way, the name Priestess Moon marks the start of me embracing that part of myself.

The way I express my spirituality is by channeling artwork and writing to create oracle card decks that help people access thier intuition.

Oracle Decks by Priestess Moon 

Enchanted Spell Oracle: A mini course in Medieval Herbology

  • Find out how to work with the spiritual properties of herbs, plants and flowers with the beautiful medieval-inspired Enchanted Spell Oracle.cropped-cropped-enchantedspelloracle_box_and_cards-00221.jpg

“If you are interested in Celtic history and herbalism this deck is perfect, it has the goddesses and the trees with their relevant divination and shows all the herbs and plants too, I really love the all vibes the artwork has is well, my favourite deck by far

Making Magick: Manifesting your dreams- Encapsulated Spells

Making Magick is a potent tool to support you in manifesting your desires, whether it’s for wisdom, protection, healing, love, fortune or insight or whatever you dream of. This 40-card mini deck features a combination of medieval amulets, Celtic charms, alchemical glyphs and channeled sigils from Priestess Moon’s guides and angels, as well as an explanation of how each symbol can help you. 

Making Magick promo shot

These cards are small, yes, but good things come in small packages. The box that they come in is perfect for storing them, the sigils borrow from many disciplines and they’re a unique addition to the tarot and oracle decks in my collection – there’s nothing quite like these gorgeous little cards.

Enchanted Unicorn Oracle – An excellent oracle for personal growth and self care

Delight in the legendary and mysterious world of the Enchanted Unicorn Oracle, inspired by the Voynich Manuscript.


“These cards are so colorful and fun , really takes you on a the magical journey. Awakening the child within has made being adult much more pleasurable. This deck includes a sigil on each card bringing a layered meaning to the card. Working in conjunction with the Making Magic Oracle also by Priestess Moon can deepen you Adventure with these oracles , a match indeed to explore further. May you have the best yet to come you way. Open up to the possibilities and enjoy

Making Magick Oracle: Sigils for magick & rituals


“A interactive magickal system for manifestation and growth. Many of the power sigils and glyphs are ancient symbols that you will likely recognize either way you are in-for a real treat. The guidelines within the 92 page book is well planned. Including using the cards as layouts for crystal grids. Use this magickal system alone or in conjunction with the Enchanted Unicorn Oracle to expand on your interactive magickal system.”

Original Artworks 

If you are looking for something special, I create original artworks designed to bring good energy into your home or office.

Art Studio

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