Priestess Moon: Creator of Oracle Cards as Intuitive Tools


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Come on a journey with Priestess Moon as she reveals delicious magickal cocktails and spells you can craft using commonplace kitchen ingredients.

This website contains the recipes, original artworks and mystical insights of Priestess Moon, a 21 st century Kitchen Witch. A Kitchen Witch focuses on seeing the ordinary, as well as the divine, sacred. This involves honouring the Goddess by taking care of hearth and home, blessing daily household tasks and observing the Solstices and Equinoxes. Everyday cooking is imbibed with light and magick.

Enter the world of the Priestesses of Magick, using spells that utilize the spiritual properties of herbs, plants and flowers. Approach these enchantments with a light heart and the magick will work!

Together with the artworks, recipes provide a point of focus designed to help manifest the following positive qualities into your life: Wealth, Wishes, Happiness, Prosperity, Good Fortune, Protection, Healing, Fertility, Wisdom and Abundance.

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