Priestess Moon: Manifest your dreams

Priestess Moon shows you how to live a unique, magickal and inspired life through powerfully intuitive oracle cards, rituals and spells.

Find out how to work with the spiritual properties of herbs, plants and flowers with the beautiful medieval-inspired Enchanted Spell Oracle. Learn the secrets behind ancient magickal symbols and how to manifest your dreams with the Making Magick oracle decks. Delight in the legendary and mysterious world of the Enchanted Unicorn Oracle.

Celebrate the Celtic fire festivals and equinoxes with charming Wheel of the Year ritual packs. Or, if you are looking for something special, browse the online gallery of Magickal Paintings; all original artworks designed to bring good energy into your home.

Priestess Moon is an artist, author and empath. Her mission is to provide you with comfort, enchantment and joy.

Priestess Dress

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