About Priestess Moon

A gifted psychic revealed years ago that working with symbols is Priestess Moon’s life purpose, and this symbol work has and continues to help many people throughout the world.

My oracle cards are divination tools designed to help you access your own intuition. Using the cards can help you to take action, answer questions, reassure and bring comfort. I write meanings for each of my oracle cards based on metaphysical concepts, life experience and extensive research.

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Priestess Moon is a Western Australian artist and author. Her work is designed to impart a sense of enchantment. Renowned for being colourful, decorative and highly symbolic, her work brings universal symbols into a modern context as she imbues them with her own ideas and insights.

Having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Design in 1995, Priestess Moon made the life-changing move to the land of her ancestors, Scotland. There she discovered Celtic paganism and, with it, the spirituality of the natural world.

She brings this mysticism into her art and writing, and her works have strong links to illuminated manuscripts, herbal codex and magickal grimoires. Containing special symbols that act as energy tools, the artwork is designed to evoke certain qualities such as peace, protection and prosperity. The addition of gold leaf to many of her paintings enhances the meaning, luminosity and beauty of the pieces.

Priestess Moon’s gorgeous sets of oracle cards reveal the manifestation skills that make life here on Earth more enjoyable and fun!

What people are saying about Priestess Moon:

“Your creations have brought some serious Magick and healing.”

“Thank you for your creations, you have no idea how much they help with some very important stuff in my life.”

“Love love love your cards. So beautiful… and sooo on the money with the guidance they provide!!”

“Absolutely ADORE your deck. So powerful, feel so connected to it.”

“When people choose your cards I like to give your meanings as you wrote them, because you took the time to do it and they are such beautiful messages too.”

“Thank you sooooooo much for all the Magic that exploded here ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ it is INCREDIBLE, it is everywhere in the room, I feel it and I am truly grateful.”

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Priestess Moon’s Oracle Decks:

 The Enchanted Spell Oracle

Making Magick Mini Spell Cards

Making Magick Oracle

The Enchanted Unicorn Oracle

Priestess Moon illustrated the 2003 Witchcraft Diary & Book of Shadows published by FPC Magazines. In 2015, she self-published the limited edition Priestess Moon Oracle.

'Prosperity' from the Enchanted Spell Oracle
‘Prosperity’ from The Enchanted Spell Oracle



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