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The Priestess Podcast with Julie Parker

When Megan Fraser @priestessmoondesign was in her 20’s searching for meaning, a psychic told her she would one day work extensively with symbols. And that psychic was absolutely right. ⁠

As my guest on The Priestess Podcast today, Megan, also known as Priestess Moon, shares with us her journey of art, Celtic Paganism, the world of symbols and her love for medieval magick. It’s a journey and life that shows how pivotal one experience in our world can be when we have the courage to follow a calling and make it truly our own. ⁠

Listen to the episode here

The Witchcast with Lucy Cavendish

Medieval Magick!

Witches! Straddle those brooms and fly yourself into the magickal sonic circle for a cackle-fest of a conversation overflowing with mirth and reverence. Blessings and welcome to a very juicy conversation with the fabulously talented witch, writer and artist Priestess Moon. Lucy and Megan (Priestess Moon) chat about sigils and how to make them, unicorn mythos, illuminated herbal texts, Enid Blyton (yes, really) magickal trees, growing up weirdish and wildish and much much more. This conversation is like a warm squishy hug of welcome to a very eccentric coven and you will feel like you’ve just hung out with two besties who just happen to talk a LOT about witchcraft! It’s a warm, delicious and very funny conversation filled with insights and wisdom and ah-ha moments (amidst the cackling). You’ll feel right at home, magickal soul! Listen to the episode here

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