Enchanted Unicorn Oracle

Enter the legendary world of enchanted unicorns! These mythical creatures make powerful spirit guides and totem animals, and these cards will share their insights with you.

“It’s a magical deck and more profound than many. Quirky, gorgeous, spontaneous, random, mystical, playful, creative and humorous – the perfect fertile foundation for the universe to shine through and express the Divine.” 

The Enchanted Unicorn Oracle is inspired by the Voynich Manuscript, an impenetrable medieval work that is one of the most perplexing mysteries in the history of cryptology. Within the 36 cards and accompanying booklet, the mystical nature of the cryptic codex is explored, beautifully matching the myth and magick of the unicorn legend.

At its very core, the yet-to-be deciphered manuscript appears to be dedicated to healing and self-care, and so is this oracle. Both explore the power of plants and botanical cures. On these beautiful cards, fantastical foliage, fruit and flowers sprout from the heads and bodies of unicorns, echoing the weird and wonderful Voynich imagery.

The Enchanted Unicorn Oracle gives you access to the magick of plants, exciting spells and rituals, and the wisdom and power of unicorns. The unicorn messages give comfort, joy and inspiration to guide you through life.

Enchanted Unicorn Oracle


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What people are saying about The Enchanted Unicorn Oracle:

I bought this on a whim. I love all things unicorn, and I collect Oracle decks, so when I saw this one, it just called to me, even though it looked a little out-of-the-ordinary…  I have to say, I’m incredibly impressed with this odd little Oracle deck. Not only is it beautiful, but the energy reads well. I know this will quickly become a favorite in my collection! I am so happy I found it! Definitely a must-have for any Oracle collector or unicorn lover. 🦄 It’s truly one of the most unique decks I’ve ever purchased!

 For a beautiful and fantastical journey into your well-being this oracle works well both for readings and spellwork, meditation and reflection. An excellent oracle to cozy up to for personal growth! Highly recommend!

What a delightful oracle this is! I’m totally enchanted by your charming illustrations and upbeat messages.

Absolutely love them! Already picked a card and it has given me much hope and food for thought. The workmanship in the cards is beautiful and amazing.

This is the first time I’ve purchased an item created by Priestess Moon – and I am more than happy with this oracle. It’s whimsical, delightful and oh! so wonderful. I haven’t had a confusing reading with this deck yet – some decks will throw out a card that makes me go “huh?” but not this deck. It’s perfectly in tune with me and I couldn’t be any happier with it. This is one of those decks that is an absolute joy to work with on a daily basis. I don’t get bored with this deck – the colors and drawings tickle my soul. I think it could very well become one of your favorite decks if you decide to purchase – I really don’t think you’ll be sorry!

I have had your beautiful deck with me now for a few days and it’s just magical. The cards, your artwork and the messages are wonderful. Thank you for creating an unusual and beautifully crafted Oracle Deck.

Freespirited, lively illustrations. A page from the Voynich manuscript appears in the background of each card. Like the Voynich manuscript, botanical and astronomical imagery is used liberally, leading readers on a merry chase through the cosmos.

Just looking at these energetic cards lifts one’s spirits. They are filled with mystery but Priestess Moon makes sense of it in the beautiful, full-colored companion book. Welcome these wise and comforting creatures into your life and feel the joy that they bring with them.

These are not your typical unicorns, which is what we love about them, they have a real Dr Seuss vibe! 

I was instantly hooked on the almost psychedelic and whimsical imagery of the enchanted unicorns, they are just so crazy they make you smile! I love how they are magically connected with the associated plants, spells and rituals. 

This deck has been years in the creation 🦄 and I was so pleased when @rockpoolpublishing decided to have Priestess Moon fully nurture and “birth” this unique deck 🔮 It is colourful 🌈 and fun, yet full of meaning AND based on an ancient manuscript 📚 So good 💜 xo

 The Enchanted Unicorn Oracle deck just arrived for me this morning and I am obsessed! As is the standard with all @rockpoolpublishing Oracle Decks the quality is superb. Everyone knows that I’m a huge fan of all things Priestess Moon, and these cards do not disappoint!

The cards arrived today, they are really lovely, a really classy product. When I split the deck, the card I picked was 1967 which is my year of birth. So definitely some magic going on already.

The gorgeous unicorn card pack just arrived and is an absolute delight!! You have truly surpassed my wildest expectations.

Hear me chatting with Vix from newagehipster333 about the Enchanted Unicorn Oracle below!

Hear me chatting about the Enchanted Unicorn Oracle with Onareo below!

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