Enchanted Unicorn Oracle

Enter the legendary world of enchanted unicorns! These mythical creatures make powerful spirit guides and totem animals, and these cards will share their insights with you.

The Enchanted Unicorn Oracle is inspired by the Voynich Manuscript, an impenetrable medieval work that is one of the most perplexing mysteries in the history of cryptology. Within the 36 cards and accompanying booklet, the mystical nature of the cryptic codex is explored, beautifully matching the myth and magick of the unicorn legend.

At its very core, the yet-to-be deciphered manuscript appears to be dedicated to healing and self-care, and so is this oracle. Both explore the power of plants and botanical cures. On these beautiful cards, fantastical foliage, fruit and flowers sprout from the heads and bodies of unicorns, echoing the weird and wonderful Voynich imagery.

The Enchanted Unicorn Oracle gives you access to the magick of plants, exciting spells and rituals, and the wisdom and power of unicorns. The unicorn messages give comfort, joy and inspiration to guide you through life.

Special Pre-Order Gift Packs

Only 20 Available!


1 x Enchanted Unicorn Oracle 36 Card Deck and Guidebook.


1 x Psychedelic Unicorn Holographic Sticker 76 mm x 56 mm

1 x Small Clear Quartz Crystal

1 x mini reading including Enchanted Unicorn Oracle card

Includes Shipping


Date of Release June 2020

If you love fun spells and cool tips on how to manifest, you should totes get this deck. It’s the vibe 🌟🦄

This deck is a small, calm thing to bring comfort and joy in challenging times. 

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