Making Magick: Manifest Your Dreams


“Spirit often communicates with us through symbols.” 

This mini oracle deck is a set of encapsulated spells!



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Making Magick is a potent tool to support you in manifesting your desires, whether it’s for wisdom, protection, healing, love, fortune or insight or whatever you dream of.

This 40-card mini deck features a combination of medieval amulets, Celtic charms, alchemical glyphs and thirteen channeled sigils from Priestess Moon’s guides and angels, as well as an explanation of how each symbol can help you.

Medieval Symbols

The mediaeval charms featured in this deck are over 500 years old, with some originating from the times of the Vikings and the Knights Templar. Others were found at the burial site of a 15th-century Polish knight and are now on display in the Warsaw Museum in Poland. It is believed these talismans were magickal in nature and attracted love, success, victory and protection. Traditionally, they were made from pewter or copper and were worn on belts or as necklaces.

Amulet symbols to deflect evil were also inscribed on pieces of parchment paper and folded into pockets. Most of the inscriptions featured in this section are Christian in nature and were created by mediaeval alchemists using the principles of the 14th-century Key of Solomon, a book on Kabbalistic magic by King Solomon. Kabbalah is a form of Jewish mysticism that, among other things, uses cryptic symbols as a tool to control one’s destiny. King Solomon has been associated with both Judaism and Christianity.

If you would love a full explanation of each symbol with a guidebook explaining how to use it and the history behind these gorgeous glyphs, the Making Magick Oracle, out through Rockpool Publishing  goes into all the juicy details!

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How to work with Making Magick

Making Magick can assist you in spellcraft and in manifesting your deepest heart’s desires. Each symbol has been meticulously researched by Priestess Moon, who has been working with many of the talismans for over twenty years.

  • Light a candle in front of the symbol and let the cypher work its magick. Leave the card in a prominent place where you can see it often, ideally for the whole day.
  • Take the symbol card with you when you leave the house and carry it about your person to invoke the special qualities that the symbol has been designed for.
  • Copy the symbol using felt pen and paper as a form of meditation.
  • Use the card/s as a layout for crystal grids, to help amplify the energy contained within the symbols.
  • Work with the deck as a traditional oracle to gain insight into your present situation.

I’ve been working with these symbols for over 25 years, and they GET RESULTS!

I first discovered many of these symbols in a little spell shop in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1995. Many of the symbols are hundreds, if not thousands of years old and have been used by people to tilt the future in thier favour for just as long.

Priestess Moon- Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland, 1995

In ancient times, special symbols were drawn or engraved into items and worn as jewellery or carried in pockets and bags. They were thought to protect the wearer and help them achieve their hopes and dreams.

If an individual truly believed in the power of the symbol it would work its magick.

What people are saying about Making Magick 


5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing magic deck

The mini oracle cards are just spectacular! They are of the most incredible quality and amazing value. Love their little box with the smooth magnetic lid.
This is next level.

These cards are the perfect size and lovely little reminders for centering yourself.
I already love how accurate and powerful they are! 

What an amazing set of cards their message is straight to the point and for has been spot on and very helpful. They are a great size fit nicely into my small hand. The box that houses them is very neat.

I love the packaging, I love the details. It’s sooo witchy it’s totally me. I love it
I definitely recommend ♥️

Excellent, the most magic cards ever.

These cards are awesome!! Has great messages!! My clients love them !!

This Oracle is very special. These are encapsulated spells, which we can use to attract what we want.

Powerful Symbols for Spellwork

  • MM Protection

Four Extra Symbols

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There are four symbols from the Making Magick Mini Deck that are not in the Making Magick Oracle. Here is a guidebook description of each one to enchance your spell casting:

Mystic Star

Harmony in the home and great friendships

This symbol is a heptagram, a seven-pointed star. It is associated with Venus, the planet of beauty and love. In numerology, the number seven represents the spiritual seeker; the wise one. This symbol reminds us that there is more to life that just the physical, more than just working and surviving. Mystic Star encourages us to seek enjoyable experiences, nourishing friendships and beautiful surroundings…it is our birthright to relax and enjoy life.

Power Symbol

Cleanse, purify and protect the physical body

In the practice of Reiki, this symbol is known as the ‘Cho Ku Rei,’ the universal power symbol. Practitioners use this symbol to heal and restore the physical body through a transfer of universal energy. The Power Symbol ‘lightens’ your aura by removing blocks and healing injuries. Use this symbol the clear and cleanse your body, using light energy, before starting any important projects.

Awen: The Rays of Light

Balancing male and female energies: peace and harmony

It is widely believed that this symbol was created in the 1700’s by Welsh poet Morganwg. It is Celtic in origin. It’s three lines and circles are thought to represent mind, body and spirit, or earth, sea and sky. It is a symbol that balances and is designed to bring harmony into your life.

Triple Moon

Embracing all aspects of yourself; the divine and the earthly.

This symbol represents the waxing crescent moon, the full moon, and the waning crescent moon. Triple Moon embodies the energy rising, a completion, and then an ebbing away. Use this symbol to help you nurture your human side, and your divine side. We are meant to be here in this human body, having this experience, but always remember this is just one tiny aspect of your soul!

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