Making Magick Mini Oracle

Making Magick

Manifesting Your Dreams 

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Making Magick is a potent tool to support you in manifesting your desires, whether it’s for wisdom, protection, healing, love, fortune or insight or whatever you dream of. This 40-card mini deck features a combination of medieval amulets, Celtic charms, alchemical glyphs and channeled sigils from Priestess Moon’s guides and angels, as well as an explanation of how each symbol can help you.

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How this deck can help you:

  • Light a candle in front of the symbol and let the cypher work its magick. Leave the card in a prominent place where you can see it often, ideally for the whole day.
  • Take the symbol card with you when you leave the house and carry it about your person to invoke the special qualities that the symbol has been designed for.
  • Copy the symbol using felt pen and paper as a form of meditation.
  • Use the card/s as a layout for crystal grids, to help amplify the energy contained within the symbols.
  • Work with the deck as an oracle to gain insight into your present situation.
  • Use a symbol card as an ingredient in your spell work to add some extra special energy.
Symbol Crystal Promo
Crystal Grid for “One Enchanted Evening”

Due for release April 2019