The Story of Enchanted Unicorn Oracle

It all started back in 2015 with a harebrained idea to draw a unicorn a day and post it on Instagram and Facebook, to amuse myself and my friends. What started as a bit of a joke soon had a cult following, with people eagerly awaiting the next unicorn, and even making suggestions about which unicorn to draw.

During this self-imposed challenge, one of my friends, who studies ancient esoteric manuscripts, asked if I’d heard of the Voynich Manuscript. I quickly looked it up online and was entranced by the weird and wonderful botanical illustrations of this 600-year-old manuscript. The Voynich manuscript is a curious little beast. It is a 240-page handwritten and illustrated herbal is dated between1404 and 1438 AD. It contains text and illustrations featuring astronomical, biological, cosmological and pharmaceutical information, as well as herbal recipes and details on the cosmos. Thus far, the author remains unknown, as well as the language it was written in. To this day, world class cryptologists still haven’t cracked the code. Even famous World War II code breakers were mystified by the Voynich Manuscript and could not decipher the meaning of the text. Over the years, many scholars have claimed to have unlocked the secrets of the 6-century year old transcript, but each theory has been subsequently disproven.

I was inspired! My unicorns took a turn for the fantastical, and I started taking my cue from the manuscript to create unicorns with foliage sprouting from their heads and bodies. The unicorns are colourful and strange, using a mixture of felt tip pens and computer design; intended to capture the off-kilter charm of the Voynich Manuscript’s drawings. But, why the unicorns? Well, the mystical nature of the Voynich Manuscript beautifully echoes the myth and magick of the unicorn legend.

As I was drawing these unicorns, I realised they were speaking to me! I believed that I could turn these drawings into an oracle deck and write down the messages I was getting whilst I was working on them. I was going to self-publish and call the deck “The Peculiar Unicorn.’ This was after I had self-published my first deck, the Priestess Moon Oracle. Meanwhile, I had secured a contract with Rockpool Publishing for the Enchanted Spell Oracle, and so work stopped for a little while on my unicorns whilst I concentrated on that.


However, the siren song of the unicorns was too strong, and in my spare time I was constantly working on them and really enjoying writing the guidebook. As I was working, I felt the presence of a Being behind me. Gentle and powerful, it seemed pleased I was doing this work. A peaceful and comfortable feeling washed over me, and I was able to easily channel the meanings of each card. I felt like this was sacred work, not of this world. In fact, some theories about the Voynich manuscript suggests that it contains information from extra-terrestrial beings.

This is a very different deck, but Rockpool publishing took a chance on it because it is so unusual and charming. If something is original, it’s hard to market or fit in a box. People are slightly afraid of it; they may even find it a little repulsive because they do not have a context for it. Already this deck is quite divisive as people don’t know how to react to it. It is a deck that you either love or hate.

I was speaking to a psychic about the cards and she said:

“These are very sweet and gentle, yet powerful. I sense that these are from another realm to Earth, almost alien in nature. It’s definitely time for these cards, the world is ready for them.”


Once you start working with the cards, that’s when the magic begins, so why not give them a try? Each card comes with a cool little spell or ritual for you to perform. They are meant to be a joyful, calm thing to lift your spirits in a sometimes-confusing world. At its very core, the Voynich Manuscript appears to be a book on self-healing and self-care, and likewise, this is the intention of the Enchanted Unicorn Oracle.

What people are saying about the Enchanted Unicorn Oracle:

What a delightful oracle this is! I’m totally enchanted by your charming illustrations and upbeat messages.

Absolutely love them! Already picked a card and it has given me much hope and food for thought. The workmanship in the cards is beautiful and amazing.

I have had your beautiful deck with me now for a few days and it’s just magical. The cards, your artwork and the messages are wonderful. Thank you for creating an unusual and beautifully crafted Oracle Deck.

This deck has been years in the creation 🦄 and I was so pleased when @rockpoolpublishing decided to have Priestess Moon fully nurture and “birth” this unique deck 🔮 It is colourful 🌈 and fun, yet full of meaning AND based on an ancient manuscript 📚 So good 💜 xo

The Enchanted Unicorn Oracle deck just arrived for me this morning and I am obsessed! As is the standard with all @rockpoolpublishing Oracle Decks the quality is superb. Everyone knows that I’m a huge fan of all things Priestess Moon, and these cards do not disappoint!

The cards arrived today, they are really lovely, a really classy product. When I split the deck, the card I picked was 1967 which is my year of birth. So definitely some magic going on already.

The gorgeous unicorn card pack just arrived and is an absolute delight!! You have truly surpassed my wildest expectations.


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The Enchanted Unicorn Oracle Gift Pack – Australia Only

Enter the legendary world of enchanted unicorns! You will receive a magickal package containing: 1 x Enchanted Unicorn Oracle 36 Card Deck and Guidebook, 1 x Small Clear Quartz Crystal, 1 x Psychedelic Unicorn Holographic Sticker, 1 x Greenwood Unicorn Holographic Sticker and 1 x mini reading including one Enchanted Unicorn Oracle Card. Includes Shipping! At this time, I can ship items within Australia only.


Making Magick Oracle


Symbols have been used as talismans for thousands of years to attract good luck, prosperity, healing, love and success, as well as being employed as amulets to repel unwanted influences. Enter the charmed world of magickal symbols!

Featuring a dynamic combination of mediaeval charms, ancient symbols, alchemical glyphs and Priestess Moon’s own channeled sigils, each card depicts a powerful cypher that has been designed to tilt the future in your favour.

This deck is your tool for manifesting the life you want. Making Magick can assist you in spellcraft and in manifesting your deepest heart’s desires. Each symbol has been meticulously researched by Priestess Moon, who has been working with many of the talismans for over twenty years. This deck is an expansion of the Making Magick Mini Spell Cards and includes a full explanation of each symbol, how to use it, powerful spells, and the history behind these gorgeous glyphs.


Only 30 Available!


1 x Making Magick Oracle 36 Card Deck and Guidebook


1 x Abracadabra Acrylic Good Luck Charm 50mm

1 x Felix Felicitous Sticker 50 mm and 1 x Small Clear Quartz Crystal

1 x Samhain card

Celtic Cross Quarter days

1 x mini reading including Making Magick Oracle card

Includes Shipping


Date of Release October 2020 (Just in time for Halloween!)

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Free Spell: House Blessing


Illuminate JPEG

‘Illuminate’ is featured in both the Priestess Moon Oracle and the Enchanted Spell Oracle. The artwork is inspired by Medieval illuminated manuscripts, particularly the Book of Kells folio 8r, and the Codex Aureus folio 11r. My idea was to create an illuminated style painting with an inspiring message, but one relevant to our modern day.

The text states:

“I am sending you light, even now.

Shine on beautiful ones. You are loved.” 

The intent behind this artwork is for it to be a house blessing. You display it in your house, and the good energy in the artwork encourages a safe and happy home.

The following House Blessing will illuminate all the corners of your house and bring more light into your life. This can be on a physical or energetic level. Stale and dense energy can become trapped and brood in nooks and crannies of your home, and you will want to drive it out! Start by imagining yourself filled with a bright, white light.

Illuminate Your House Blessing 

1 sage smudge stick

1 white candle

200 grams Rock Salt 

4 clear quartz crystals

Light the sage smudge stick, place into a ceramic bowl and visit every part of the house, allowing smoke to penetrate all rooms. Be sure to visit particularly dark corners and under beds. Have the windows and doors open, as this lets the smoke out along with any dull or heavy energy.

When you have smudged the whole house, place the white candle into a holder and pour a generous amount of rock salt around it, in a circle. As you light the candle, imagine you are drawing bright white light all around you. You are clear, like a crystal, becoming a transmitter of light. Hold up your hands and imagine light streaming from them and filling the entire house. The light fills every corner.

Next, place the four clear quartz crystals in the four corners of your house. Visualize four bright Angels surrounding your home at the quarters of north, east, south and west. They are singing

“I am sending you light, even now.

Shine on beautiful ones. You are loved.” 

Feel your house full of light, safe, happy and vibrant energy.


Your Own Spell Recipes

Cocktail Spells

The above image is from a friend who was having a lovely time trying out my cocktail spell recipes, and adding a few twists and ingredients of her own – which I think is fabulous! I hope you can take my spell recipes and make them your own, too– intuitively adding things that suit you and your personal preferences. Just like any recipe you find in a cookbook, these recipes can be tweaked to suit you.

If you are creating a food and drink enchantment, a good tip is to research which flavours work well together. Start with your chosen quality, such as luck, then research the ingredients that ‘attract’ this quality- for instance vanilla and pears, and then research which flavours go well with vanilla and pears, and in the end, you should have a delicious spell that is both effective and yummy!

Hopefully, this is all giving you some excellent ideas on how to create your own spell recipes. It’s a very personal thing; only you know what ingredients you like to work with. There are plenty of recipes around to take inspiration from, and you can give them your own tweaks and personal stamp. I guess what I am asking you to do is to get creative. Think about what a particular herb or flower means to YOU and use that in your spell work.

I designed The Enchanted Spell Oracle to work as a deck that you could actively choose a card from and choose your own adventure, so to speak. Choose Opulence or Faith or Strength and craft that spell for the quality you most want in your life, then relax and watch the magick happen.

The Enchanted Spell Oracle is unique in its guidance and is crafted intentionally to help you create the life you want. There’s a reason I presented it in the style of an illuminated manuscript, because in essence, I wanted it to read like a cookbook – where you could consult the pages for Abundance or Success, or Luck. The cards are intended as tools to help you access your intuitive self.

That’s the end of this course, if you have any questions or queries about the spells or content, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear from you!

Week 14a.png

The Enchanted Spell Oracle 

Happiness Spell

When I created the Happiness Spell, I wanted to use the colour orange predominantly, because it is such a happy colour. Gold is the colour of celebrations and high achievements, so I included that colour with some ribbon. Oranges magickally attract joy, and cloves; love. As well the smell of orange and cloves remind me of Christmas, and I just love Christmas. In fact – you can hang this spell on your Christmas tree and each clove could represent 15 best wishes for the coming new year. The significance of the number 15 is in the Key of Solomon Symbol for Happiness, which I included in the Happiness image.  Within this key is a box of 9 squares with numbers in them, and each row of numbers adds up to 15, both across and down. I’m not sure why King Solomon decided that fifteen was the happiest number, but there you go. If you know – I would love to hear why!

The Happiness Spell is really just a traditional orange pomander, but in this case, we use it to hone our intent and create happiness.

Stud a fresh orange with 15 cloves, with each clove representing something that makes you happy. The scent of fresh orange and spicy cloves alone is enough to bring happiness, but the intent will help you focus on what truly makes your heart sing.

Tie this up with a gorgeous gold ribbon, so it looks like a precious gift.

The end result is a beautiful natural bauble that smells delicious and really helps you to get clear on what makes you happy in life.

Next fortnight, we will look at how you can create some of your own fun recipes.

Week 13

Protection banner

The Enchanted Spell Oracle

Prosperity Potion

Another recipe I created to attract prosperity is the prosperity potion. I took inspiration from the classic martini recipe:

This version is for over 18 only, because it contains alcohol – there is also a mocktail alternative, which I will be demonstrating in the soul kitchen tomorrow.

Combine 15mls of gin and 10ml of orange liqueur, 30ml of pomegranate juice and a dash of lime juice over ice into a cocktail shaker, shake well and pour into a frosted glass and garnish with a slice of lime. Focus on the Prosperity card as you drink to future abundance.

The symbol in the image is a Medieval amulet for strength, riches and abundance.

With this spell, I wanted to use the vibrant colours of red and green for wealth and vitality. The orange, lime and pomegranate fruits all contain the spiritual properties said to attract wealth & prosperity. I wanted this potion to be a playful homage to the Cosmopolitan cocktail, so instead of using cranberry juice, I substituted it with pomegranate juice – it gives a nice sweet/sour flavour. It might seem frivolous to some that this spell is actually a cocktail, but I must tell you that one of the key components of a successful enchantment is keeping things playful and light-hearted, especially when it comes to attracting the joyful things in life.

Next fortnight, we create a ‘Happiness’ Spell.

Week 12

spell kit eso

The Enchanted Spell Oracle

Cinnamon Money Spell

The first spell I want to talk through is a money spell, and this spell comes with the Abundance card. I have used this many times, and it is good for small windfalls.

For this charm, you will need a potato, 8 toothpicks, a stick of cinnamon and a gold coin. Cinnamon is often used in money spells and is known as the ‘sweet money spice.’ I like to start this spell on a new moon, as this is a great time to work magick for things you want to increase in your life.
This spell is adapted from a book called ‘Witta, an Irish Pagan Tradition’ by Edain McCoy – it has some excellent Kitchen Witch charms and enchantments in it and it’s well worth a look. This recipe is an example of how we can take an idea that we love, expand on it, tweak it and add our own personal stamp on it.
Cinnamon Money Spell 
We need one potato and we are going to cut that in half, and scoop out the flesh of each side with a teaspoon.
Then place some cinnamon stick, and a gold coin inside the hollow. The coin is optional, though. Join the potato back together with 8 toothpicks – 8 being a very lucky number, money wise. This spell then needs to be buried in the garden, underneath a fast-growing money herb such as basil. You will see that the potato will grow good strong leaves quite fast, and I like to visualise the money growing along with it.

There are all sorts of symbols in the Abundance image that carry with them the energy of wealth – the guidebook goes into extra detail – but the keywords of the Abundance card are ‘wealth, money, and income.’

Next fortnight, we look at a magickal cocktail recipe for a Prosperity Potion.

Week 11


The Enchanted Spell Oracle 

Creating Magickal Recipes. Part Two

Plants, herbs and flowers are always in the Kitchen Witches repertoire.

There are plenty of books on the magickal properties of plants and flowers that are extremely useful when designing a spell. There are plenty of excellent reference books, containing plants and their associated metaphysical meanings to help create that perfect recipe. As an example, the humble eggplant is said to attract money and the ever-present herb, dill, attracts luck.

Symbols are very potent in spellwork. I love working with symbols because they bypass the conscious mind and appeal directly to the subconscious. There are lots of Symbols available for you to use, some notable ones include the star for good luck, or the yin yang symbol for peace and balance.

You can use crystals as well, with plenty to choose from and each having their own energy. Some commonly used crystals include clear quartz for healing and protection and citrine for prosperity and abundance.

Having said that, it’s much better to choose an item you resonate with, rather than go with the traditional norm. For example, just because roses are traditionally used in love spells – it doesn’t mean you have to use them. There may be other flowers, like hibiscus, or herbs such as oregano, that speak to you, and you prefer these plants instead of roses in a love charm. The charm works better when it is personal and caters to your likes and dislikes.

In the next couple of fortnights, I will talk you through how I created the spells for Abundance, Happiness and Prosperity so you can get a good idea on how the process works.

Week 10

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The Enchanted Spell Oracle 


Creating Magickal Recipes. Part One

I want to talk you through the process of how I create a spell recipe from scratch, and hopefully this will inspire you to create your own personal enchantments at home. You don’t need any fancy ritual items like athames, or goblets or wands, nor do you need to join a coven and become an initiate to practice magick. The real magick is your imagination and the amount of light energy you put into your spell-work.

There’s a wealth of tools to choose from to help you create your own enchantments.

For instance, the phases of the moon. As a general rule, the energy of a new moon is to start projects and attract things, so this is a great time for money or luck spells.  The waxing crescent to full moon is to complete things, and the waning to dark moon is used to let things go, or get rid of things you don’t want. So, this would be a good time to perform a ritual to help you let go of a habit or a feeling that no longer serves you. The moon energies really do add an extra boost to your spellwork. The phase of the moon we are in now is a dark moon, about to evolve into a new moon later on tonight.

You can use colour magick if you wish, for another little boost. This can be as simple as coloured candles or bits of paper.

Generally Speaking:

White for strong protection and shielding

Black for letting go and releasing

Red for good luck and vitality

Orange for fertility and creativity

Yellow for confidence and fame

Green for healing and prosperity and is often used in money spells

Blue for wisdom and contemplation

Purple for intuition and Angelic assistance.

Next fortnight, we continue with creating magickal recipes, part two.

Week 9

The Enchanted Spell Oracle

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